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ArcQor´s New Portable Power System to Danish Armed Forces

Today ArcQor is able to finally announce the company will be awarded the contract to deliver a rugged portable power system to the Danish Defense Acquisition and Logistic Organization (DALO). Together through our partners at Precision Technic Defence (PTD) we’ll be supplying to the Army, Air Forces as well as Navy (as needed).

Our unique portable power system will be providing power for the demanding needs of both the mast and the gyro-stabilized sensor on the vehicle. Plus a remote light-weight solution will be added – to be packed in rugged terrain away from the vehicle. Our unique bespoke solution will be industry leading when deployed (and we believe wildly popular in the future).

We would also like to state how important this contract is to us here at ArcQor as it further allows us to commit to our role as a world class provider of bespoke power solutions to now the majority of Scandinavia. We can boast over 28 years of dedicated service, supplying the women and men of the armed services in Sweden and Finland, and finally we can now add to and welcome the Danes. This new project will help propel the regions defence capabilities in a way not seen before. Together with all our partners we are able to make this project what it needs to be as the premium portable defence system.

Read more from the original press release from the Danish Defense Acquisition and Logistic Organization: Nye mobile sensorsystemer til Forsvaret (

Read more from our partner Precision Technic Defence who won the contract: