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W5 Solutions Acquires ArcQor: Accelerating Growth in the Power Supply Industry

ArcQor, a leading company in the power supply industry, has recently announced its acquisition by the publicly listed company W5 Solutions. This significant development marks a historical milestone for ArcQor as it sets the stage for accelerated growth and expansion in the international market. With the strong organizational backing and financial strength of W5 Solutions, ArcQor is poised to embark on an exciting new chapter of success.

Unleashing Growth Potential

The acquisition by W5 Solutions represents a crucial step in ArcQor's growth strategy. By joining forces with W5 Solutions, ArcQor gains access to enhanced resources and expertise that will propel its expansion plans forward. The international market has a high demand for ArcQor's products, and this acquisition will allow the company to meet those needs more effectively than ever before.

Offering Complete Solutions

One of the major benefits of the acquisition is the synergy effect created by the combined product portfolios of W5 Solutions and ArcQor. By leveraging their respective strengths, the two companies will be able to offer customers complete solutions in the power supply category. This integrated approach will enhance the competitiveness of both companies and provide customers with a broader range of cutting-edge solutions.

Integration and Increased Capacity

ArcQor will now become an integral part of W5 Solutions' operations. This integration signifies a deeper collaboration between the two entities and paves the way for joint efforts towards mutual growth. With the merger, the combined company will boast over 100 employees, which translates into increased capacity and expanded capabilities to serve customers more effectively.

Business as Usual

ArcQor wants to assure its customers and partners that the acquisition will not disrupt its daily operations. The company remains committed to maintaining continuity in its services, with no changes to delivery addresses, postal addresses, organization numbers, or billing information. This stability ensures that customers can continue to rely on ArcQor's products and services without interruption.

A Promising Future

ArcQor's alliance with W5 Solutions opens up exciting opportunities for the company. The acquisition provides a solid foundation for accelerated growth, expanded international presence, and the ability to meet market demands with complete solutions. Both ArcQor and W5 Solutions are thrilled about the collaboration and look forward to building a successful future together.