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The team
Our organization is designed around a group of individually talented people who are dedicated to providing superior customer service to our clients.
  • Mikael Renegård
    Managing Director
    mikael.renegard |@|
  • Anders Eldh
    R&D Manager
    anders.eldh |@|
  • Sara Worén
  • Oskar Krigsman
    Operations Manager
    oskar.krigsman |@|
  • Stefan Danielsson
    Production planner
  • Sandra Månsson
    Purchasing Manager
    sandra.mansson |@|
  • Per Petersson
    Electronics Engineer
    per.petersson |@|
  • Fredrik Bengtsson
    Electronics Engineer
    fredrik.bengtsson |@|
  • Josephine Nilsson
    Customer Support Specialist
    josephine.nilsson |@|
  • Emmelie Rydh
    Quality Engineer
    emmelie.rydh |@|
  • Dmitry Petrov
    Test Supervisor
    dmitry.petrov |@|
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Visiting guide
Flight connections
The nearest airport to ArcQor is in Växjö 65km away. KLM has connection flights. Or land in Copenhagen, (Kastrup) and take the train directly to Älmhult.
Help save the planet and take the train to visit us. We are only 3.5 hrs from Stockholm on the high speed train or 2.1 hrs from Copenhagen airport. Tickets can be found at SJ or Skanetrafiken
Once you get here by train, the best way to reach your final destination is by giving us a call. We'd be glad to come and pick you up. But we do have taxi service which you can reach at this number. 0476-134 78
Älmhult is situated in the middle of nature. Forests, lakes and rivers surround the entire town. There are some excellent places to sleep in town. Including the IKEA hotel! You can find a additional places here.
Contact Details
ArcQor AB
Teknikgatan 2, 34334 Älmhult, Sweden
Phone: +46 476 26990
Whether you're a future customer, current client, or just passing by, we'd love to see you. Please contact us to schedule your exclusive visit or consultation. All visits are by appointment only.
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