ArcQor AB
Electronics Manufacturing

Our work process

We're able to take ready concepts or create complete designs for you. Whether it's 1 piece or 50 000, we'll provide the product you want with the quality you expect. And of course our excellent customer service before and after the sale is always included for free.
  • 1. Design it with you
    Collaboration with our customers helps ensure a superior product. We believe clear communication is essential to success. Close relations with our partners ensure we start on the right track.
  • 2. Build it to last
    We have a mindset that what we build is meant to last. Our goal is to have technology make our products obsolete, not the electronics we build inside. To us, quality is everything.
  • 3. Satisfy our customer
    After extensive testing we're ready for final delivery. We're able to scale from limited to larger runs in impressive time. Your satisfaction is our priority.
Design Support
  • PCBA Design
    ArcQor PCBA Design platform provides you with a cost effective, well supported and integrated way of designing your PCBA for manufacturing. Design rules, component selection, footprints and layout are fully integrated in this platform.
  • Software development
    Our development team uses the latest software technologies and programming languages to be able to support todays required functions, needed in daily life.
  • Mechanical design
    Our design engineers deliver innovative design solutions to mechanical engineering problems. All of the 2D drawings and 3D CAD models we produce are checked against the industry standards.
  • Prototype workshop
    In order to reduce time-to-market and ensure an effective prototype process, our design engineers work in close collaboration with our customer to secure the prototype and thereafter the finished product can be used for mass serial production.
  • Shielded EMC-chamber for pre-compliance testing
    It's important we make sure the products we are designing does not emit energy that is above industry standard acceptance levels. We do this at the earliest stage possible by having our own pre-compliance EMC-chamber at our facilities.
  • Feedback
    We gain valuable knowledge from your feedback. Just call us — we will help with any issues.
Electronics Manufacturing
  • SMT (Surface-mount-technology)-line
    Fully computerized. Each piece of equipment is characterized by extreme accuracy and high throughput. The SMT-line ends with a reflow oven that provides flexible and precise temperature control in a multizone-heating tunnel.
  • Wave soldering line
    Our advanced wave soldering system is completely equipped with every feature and subsystem necessary to achieve the most exacting requirements of fine line printed circuit board soldering.
  • THT (Through-Hole Technology)-assembly
    Our highly skilled staff has the manual production capabilities to exceed your assembly requirements.
  • PCBA Over-molding
    Clean, accurate and efficient overmolding technology to encapsulate electronics. Mostly used for our rugged products to withstand the toughest of environments.
  • Selective Coating
    With a flexible robotic selective coating platform we can offer our customers a high level of accuracy and repeatability in moderate to high volume manufacturing environments.
  • Feedback
    We gain valuable knowledge from your feedback. Just call us — we will help with any issues.
Delivery and Customer Services
Our job isn't over after you receive your final product. In fact, sometimes it's just the start. We pride ourselves on our long term client relations. We want to be there for you, for many years to come.
  • Quality control and final testing
    We provide superior quality assurance using comprehensive testing methods. Ensuring each product, basic to complex, is manufactured to the same strict specified guidelines. Be confident your customers will be pleased with ArcQor manufactured products with your name attached.
  • Packaging and delivery
    Once we have finished creating your product we need to make sure it gets to you in the safest and fastest way possible. We pack each product to ensure quality and work with multiple top delivery services to ensure speedy on-time delivery.
  • Follow up and customer feedback
    We're human, mistakes can be made, but our number one goal is your satisfaction. We want to know how the product was received, was everything to your satisfaction? How do we make the process better in the future? We believe communication and feedback are keys to success and we appreciate all we receive.